A Day at The Range with Aeris Ammo

Aeris Ammo

Wednesday 02, 2016

A Day at the Range with Aeris Ammo

by: "Renegades Revolver"

Last week I was at my local gun range and discovered a brand-new solid copper bullet that was made by A company called Aeries have any of you guys seen Aeris and or shot this solid copper bullet by Aeris? I'm currently doing a lot more training for personal defense and I think this bullet going to turn out to be a winner.

When the range instructor fired two rounds of 9mmAeris in the gelatin square The performance was incredible. Aeris 9mm expanded consistently and all 4 copper pals fanned out to create a devastating woun channel and the energy transferred to the target was as strong as I've ever seen. Aeris solid copper bullet in 9mm at 11yds delivered supreme accuracy when the range instructor shot out the center of the 10 ring on the target.

Aeris 9mm had great expansion and retention when it hit the gelatin square....driving into the gelatin over 21" I believe Aries 9 mm solid copper bullet will have deadly knockdown power and great accuracy as a personal defense bullet. I'm still looking for that absolute perfect copper bullet and I think Aeris prove it

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